Descendants of Thomas Stroud and
His First Wife (name is not known)

 Rial Stroud (1792/18- ?) married Netty Morgan

Abraham Stroud (1803-aft 1880) married Nursey Aston
(Children of Abraham and Nursey)

William Stroud (abt 1805- aft 1850) married (1) Nancy Jarrold (2) Hannah Moore

Thomas Stroud (1805-1874) married (1) Eliza Aston (2) Irene J.

Delany Stroud (1806-abt 1839) married James Luther

Charlotte Stroud (abt 1808-?) married William Luther

Descendants of Thomas and Jane Stroud

Mahala Stroud Monk (1811-after 1840) married John Monk

Reverend Annual Stroud (1813-1890) married Elizabeth Larrance

Annanias Stroud (1815-1888) married Mariah Bullington

Riley Stroud (1817-1904) married Nancy Key

Sarah J. Stroud (1819-1880) married Alexander Barnett (1812-1876)

John Stroud (1820-1876) married Julie Cole

Henry Stroud (1826-1896) married Lucretia Bullington

Lucinda Stroud (1830-1903) married Alexander Trotter

Joab Stroud (1831-1891) married Sarah A. Bosley

Descendants of Isham and Sarah McCrary Stroud

Son: Julian Stroud (1813-?) married Mariah Blackburn

    Son of Julian, Grandson of Isham: William Stroud (1842-?), Co. G, 23rd Regiment, Indiana Volunteers, wounded at Vicksburg, 1863, honorably discharged. Married Rachel Tucker, 1864.

    Son of Julian, Grandson of Isham: Samuel Stroud (1847-1909), Co. G, 23rd Regiment, Indiana Volunteers, honorably discharged. Married Margaret A. Jenkins, 13 August 1872, Crawford County, Indiana. There were four children of this marriage.

Catherine Stroud (1815-?), married Ogleby Savage.

Sarah Stroud (c. 1818-?), married William Key

Mary Stroud (c. 1818-?), married Goldsberry Key

Lucretia Stroud (1820-1880), married William Mackey

Lydia M. Stroud (1823-1900), married Lewis Suddarth

John Stroud (c. 1824-?), married Elizabeth Blackburn

Serepta Stroud (c. 1833-?), married Samuel Bird

Rebecca Stroud (c. 1833-?) married William Roberts

Susannah Stroud (1835-1911) Married John H. Padgett

Isom Stroud (1840-1914) married Christena Jones
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Family Photo

Descendants of Jesse and Jane Stroud

Catherine Stroud, born c1792, North Carolina

Joel Stroud, born c1794, North Carolina

Allen Stroud, born 1798, North Carolina

Hiram Stroud, born 1800, North Carolina. Married to Sarah Fox

Elizabeth Stroud, born 1802, North Carolina. Married to Wilson Taylor.

Jesse Stroud, born 1804, North Carolina

Nield D. Stroud, born 1808, Indiana. Married to Mary Lewis

Fielding Stroud, born 1811, Indiana. Married to Elizabeth ?

Descendants of John and Mary Stroud

Isham Stroud (1789-c1860) married Sarah McCrary, 24 August 1811, in Corydon, Harrison County., Indiana.
He married Elizabeth Scott later in life.

Joseph Stroud (1790-c1813) married Polly Kelly, 15 May 1810, in Harrison County., Indiana.

Lucretia Stroud (1792-1878) married Ebenezer E. Morgan, 27 January 1814, Harrison County., Indiana.

Catherine Stroud (1795-c1860) married Champness Sevedge, 10 October 1810, in Harrison County., Indiana;
married Moses Goldman, February 1825.

Mary "Polly" Stroud (1800-before 1847) married Jesse Barnett, 16 January 1821.

Abraham Stroud (1802-1850) married Susannah Goldman, 18 July or August 1817, Harrison County., Indiana.

Mahala Stroud (1809-?) married Monk John, 1850.

Wesley Stroud (1810-after 1860) married Nancy Brown; Winifred Key, 1 April 1837, Crawford County., Indiana.
He married Elizabeth Kearby on 4 January 1859.

Isaiah Stroud (1815-after 1860) married Alia Ann Highfill, 30 October 1831, Crawford County., Indiana.
He married Hannah Gillett later in life.

John Stroud 1823-1876

Hon. John Stroud died at his residence, near Milltown, Crawford County, last Friday. He had been suffering some time from the effects of pneumonia, and up to the time of his death his physician was hopeful of his recovery. Thus has passed away another of the best men of the country. He was well know throughout Southern Indiana, and was a few years ago elected to the Legislature. He leaves a family and a large circle of friends to mourn his loss. (New Albany Daily Ledger Standard Tuesday, March 14, 1876 pg.4 col 2).

Stroud, John, Senate. 1871 to 1873 (Crawford, Orange, and Perry Counties) Born c.1823, Crawford Co., Indiana. Attended common schools. Married Julia A. Cole in 1866.
(4 children). Mercantile business; farmer. Democrat. Constable; Crawford County sheriff, 1856-58. Died March, 1876. English; Correspondence.

(A Biographical Directory of the Indiana General Assembly; Vol 1 1816-1899: Published by The Select Committee on the Centennial History of the Indiana General Assembly in cooperation with The Indiana Historical Bureau; Indianapolis, 1980)

Descendants of George and Margaret Smith Strode

George Strode, Jr. Born c1680 Married Elizabeth (?)

Ann Strode Born 13 Oct 1680 England

John Strode Born <1682 Married Magdalen James

Margaret Strode Born 26 March 1682

Elizabeth Strode

Thomas Strode c1690-1740, Chester county, Pennsylvania Married Elizabeth Hollingsworth

Descendants of Thomas and Elizabeth Hollingsworth Strode

Isaac Strode, born 20 Sep 1718, Chester, Pennsylvania He married (1) Sarah Baker; (2) Lydia Hayes

George Strode, born 28 Aug 1720, Chester, Pennsylvania
He Married unknown. Notes: Married out of Chester Co., Monthly Meeting 7-7-1753.

Thomas Strode, born 8 Oct 1722, Chester, Pennsylvania. He married unknown.
Notes: 1783, was disowned by the Chester Co. Monthly Meeting 2 of 10 Mo., for marriage by a priest.

Jacob Strode, born 4 Jan 1723, Chester, Pennsylvania

John Strode, born 11 May 1726, Chester, Pennsylvania

Abraham Stroud, born 24 Nov 1728, Chester, Pennsylvania Died 1812, Indiana. He married Lucretia Ogle.

Descendants of Annanias and Mariah Stroud

William Riley Stroud (1835-1921), married to Mary Ann Goldman, 11 Nov 1856.

Dr. Silas D. Stroud (1838-1896), married to Lydia M. Cornwell, 13 May 1858.
Photo and Certificate

John Calvin Stroud (1840-1917), married to Louisa Jane Cornwell, 1 Aug 1861.

Martha T. Stroud (1843- ), married Charles W. Deremiah, 4 Mar 1886

Malinda H. Stroud (1845- ), married to John H. Freeman

Sarah Ann Stroud (1850- ), married Thomas Vernon

Caroline Eliza Stroud (1854-1936), married William F. Lockhart

Beechem Stroud (1855- ), married to Matida A. Holtzclaw, 20 Nov 1879

Lovey Stroud (1859-1937), first married to (given name not known) Radcliff, second to Andrew J. Wells.

Descendants of John Calvin and Louisa Jane Cornwell Stroud

William Bennett Stroud (1861-1923)

Tobert G. Stroud (1865-1897), married Delilah Ellen Trinkle, 12 Sept 1896

Elsey Armelia Stroud (1867- ), married Elmer Pirtle, 3 Dec. 1898

Clora A. Stroud (1869- ), married James H. Turner, 5 July 1891

Virgil Beecham Stroud (1873-1947), married Emma Jane Agan, 27 Aug 1896

Charles H. Stroud (1878-1960), married Josie M. Trinkle, 6 Oct 1909

Mary A. Stroud (1880-)

Descendants of Virgil and Emma Jane Agan Stroud

Coen Elvis Stroud (1897-1984), married Rosa Pearl Bullington, 29 Sept 1919

William Otha Stroud (1900-1960), married Grace Alice Weather, 29 Sept 1919

Alfred Lloyd Stroud (1903-1979), married Margaret Ellen Maxedon, 22 Mar 1924

John Floyd Stroud (1903-1981), married Lois Mae Jones, 27 Oct 1923 (twin of Alfred Lloyd)

Cora Etta Stroud (1911-1980), married Austin L. Berckley, 17 Feb 1930

Charles Virgil l. Stroud (1911-1980), married Lydia Velma Woodson, 31 July 1929 (twin of Cora Etta)

Cloie Ruth Stroud (1914-1999), married Herbert Milby Key, 24 Dec 1929

Descendants of Jesse and Elizabeth McCameron Stroud

Harrison Stroud (1856-1929) (1) married Mary C. Mundy (1856-1901) in 1883 

William Sankey Stroud (1860-1929)
married Ellen Phoebe "Libbie" Crane 29 May 1886

Rev. Jesse A. Stroud (1863-1932) married Malcena "Cena" Brock, 1887.

Mary Elizabeth Stroud (1866-1934) married George W. Sheetz, 8 August 1886.

Robert Lewis Stroud (1867-1933) married Sarah "Anna" Glaziner, 1 March 1872

James D. Stroud (1869-1871)

Melissa D. Stroud (1871-1922)(1) married George W. Blackerby, 14 February 1895
(2) married John Wesley Grissom, 29 April 1904. There were four children of this union:

  • Dennis David (1903-1994), Opal, Mary, Lawrence.

    Dennis Grissom married Cicile King, 24 March 1924. There were four children of this union: 
    • Lena (1925), Virgil Ivan (Gus) (1926-1967), Wilma (1926-), Norman (1929-)

Lt. Col. Virgil (Gus) Grisom was in the United States Air Force. In 1967, he was one of the original Mercury astronauts selected to test the Apollo 1 rocket and was killed during that test.

Garrett G. Stroud (1873-1950) married Margaret E. Crane (1878-1950), 24 December 1894, Martin County. Margaret was the daughter of John and Sarah Crane. She was born in Martin County and died in Lawrence County.
There were three children of this union.

Arthur D. Stroud (1875-1878)

Walter C. Stroud (1878-1899)

Descendants of Jacob and Lydia Stroud Skeen

Betsy Skeen (1782-1813) married John Craven

Mary C. Skeen (1783-1850) married Benjamin Hopkins

Sarah Skeen (1785-1850) married Hiram Nordyke

Lucretia Skeen (1787-1843) married Honorable Judge William B. Kenworthy

John Skeen (1789-1847) married Rebecca Walker

Abraham Skeen (1791-1851) married Nancy Kenworthy

Jacob Skeen (1795- ?) married Rebecca McGrew

Clarissa Skeen (1796-1850) married Samuel S. Millikan

Lydia Skeen (1798-1850) married John Frazier

Descendants of Abraham and Nursey Stroud

Delana Stroud (1827-?) married John Key

Rial Stroud (1828-1902) married Martha Jane Dooley

Allen Stroud (1831-?) married Elizabeth Ann Toney

Lucretia Stroud (1836-?) married Hansford Brown

Jane Stroud (1838-) married Jacob Bloat, 21 Nov 1853

Simon Stroud (1840-1913) married Elizabeth Brown
 Buried Dale Cemetery, Dale, IN

Isaac Stroud (1843-1861)

Lucinda Stroud (1845-) married William H. Edwin, 2 Jan 1865

Joab Stroud (1850-?) married Sarah Bosley, 21 Nov 1870

Descendants of Rial Jr. and Martha E. Neal Stroud

John R. Stroud (1852-1867)

Jacob Stroud (1858-1890)

Jacob Stroud (1861-1927) married Melissa Mathers

William Riley Stroud (1863-1939) married Mary Ann Mathers
31 Aug 1882

Isaac C. Stroud (1864-1900) buried in Jerome, Howard County

Descendants of Rial Jr. and Martha Jane Dooley Stroud

Harry Tilden Stroud (1881-1966) married Myrtle White 6 July 1903.

Charles C. Stroud (1866-1887)

Thadeus Lee Stroud (1888-?)

Veice Pearl Stroud (1893-1973) married Omer Brown 22 Nov 1909

Descendants of William Riley Stroud and Mary Ann Mathers Stroud

Charles Curtis Stroud (1883-1885) buried Mathers Chapel

Lula Pearl Stroud (1885-1945) buried Oak Grove cemetery.

Clara Ann Stroud (1889-1959)

Minnie Dell Stroud (1891-1937) buried McArthur Cemetery in Vinton, OH

Clarence Alva Stroud (1893-1918) Photograph

Ivan Cecil Stroud (1896-1969) buried Temple cemetery Photograph

Versie Hazel Stroud (1899-1966) buried Mathers cemetery

Descendants of Reverend John Riley
and Rachel P. (Purkhiser) Stroud
Married 21 February 1970
Burial in Marengo Cemetery

Nora M. Stroud (1871-?) married Elisha Jones, c1890

Cora A. Stroud (1875-1887) buried Marengo Cemetery

William T. Stroud (1876-1903) buried Marengo Cemetery

George S. Stroud (1878-1961)
married Fannie M. Jones (1881-1958) 9 Feb 1900.

James G. Stroud (1880-1912) buried Marengo Cemetery

Descendants of George S. and Fannie M. (Jones) Stroud
Married 9 February 1900

Helen Stroud (1904-1988) married George Emch

Densil Stroud (1908-2008)

Beulah Stroud (1914-1984) married Herbert Gottfried (1903-1976)

Descendants of Thadeus Herbert (1881-1954)
and Lillie E. Weather (1889-1959) Stroud
Married 6 December 1906

John Harold Stroud (1908-1965) Geraldine E. Underhill (1915-1990)
Married 6 February 1932.

Carl Edward Stroud (1910-1967) (1) Lorene Richardson (1916-1993)
Married 8 July 1933
(2) Doris E. Manship (1917-2001)
Married 5 April 1949.

Glendon L. Stroud (1912-1992) Edith F. Williams (1917-1995)
Married 10 August 1933.

Ralph Sylvan Stroud (1919-1969) Verna B. Cockerham (1921-?)
Married 15 February 1941

Owen Ernest Stroud (1922-1994) Betty R. Catt (1929-?)
Married 31 December 1947.

Norman Juanita Stroud (1926-1944) unmarried

Nellie Mae Stroud (1934-1985) Jackie Wayne Smith (1936-?)
Married 20 August 1956.

Descendants of William Riley Stroud and Mary Ann Goldman

Silas Calvin Stroud (1860-?) married Marthat Carr,18 August 1895. Died and buried in Olney, Richland County, Illinois. Martha Carr Stroud buried in
Old Garderner Cemetery. Photograph

Maria Alcora Stroud (1867-1954) married John William Shook, 7 January 1894, Calhoun, Richland County, Illionis. Buried in Robins FH, Mt. Hope cemetery, St. Clair County, Belleville, Illionis. (descendant: Sherry Shook Jones through son Riley Solomon Shook and wife Ruth Marie Ann Stump) Photograph

Edward B. Stroud (1870-1957) married Ora Struble, 27 Nov 1890, Olney, Richland County, Illinois. Buried in Park Hill cemetery, Bloomington, Illinois.

William T. Stroud (1873-1858) married Dora May Smith, 27 April 1899, Richland County, Illinois.

Nora Abigail Stroud (1876-1952) married Henry Kaltrider, 15 Aug 1897, Richland County, Illinois.

Charles S. Stroud (1877-1952) married Dora B. Orr, 30 May 1894, Olney, Illinois. Buried in Linden Lawn cemetery, Old German, Olney, Illinois

Descendants of Dr. Silas D. and Lydia "Liddie" M. Cornwell Stroud
(Silas buried Marengo Cemetery, section 2, row 10c, #5)

Louisa V. Stroud (1859-1939), married
Benjamin F. Bullington, 11 February 1877

John Thomas Stroud (1860-1946), married
Isabel Markley, 4 May 1909

James William Stroud (1861-1915), married
Mary Etta Savage, 22 December 1892

Sarah Ann Stroud (1868-1957), married
Thomas W. Vernon (1860-1925), 16 March 1887

Caroline Carrie "Minnie" A. Stroud (1873-1961), married
James W. Rawlings, 25 July 1891

Descendants of Garrett and Margaret E. Crane Stroud

Arthur D. Stroud, born 25 January 1896, Martin County, Indiana;
died c1959, Lawrence County, Indiana Photograph

Curtis Preston Stroud, born June 1899, Martin County, Indiana; married Hazel May Hyslip, 28 February 1922, Martin County, Indiana. Hazel was born c1906, Martin County, Indiana. Photograph

Delma Helen Stroud, born 7 September 1909, Lawence County, Indiana, died 22 October 1999, Lawrence County, Indiana; married Jasper Jennings Connerley, 29 December 1923, Lawrence County, Indiana. Jasper was born 2 October 1906, Lawrence County, Indiana, died 5 January 1978, Lawrence County, Indiana.

Descendants of
Samuel J. and Margaret A. Jenkins Stroud

William H. Stroud, born 1873, married Sarah M. Grant (1881-1951), 7 June 1896. There were 3 children of this marriage: Owen, Elwood, and Dora.
William is buried in Marengo Cemetery, Crawford County, Indiana

Charles W. Stroud, born 23 July 1880, married Mary Jane Schoohover.
There were 7 children of this marriage:
Zoda, Leo, Ruth, William, Lorraine, Charles, and Donald.
Charles is buried in Denbo Cemetery, Crawford County, Indiana

Elizabeth Stroud, born 1881, married Omer Grant.
There were 8 children of this marriage:
James, Eulis, Bessie, Manford, Lester, Woodrow, Chester, and Arthur.

Rose Ada Stroud, born October 1886, married Joseph Andrew Jones (1881-1954). There were 5 children of this marriage:
Cloe, Dovie, Rosie, Audrey, and Jessie.
Rosa died 12 May 1965, buried Tunnel Hill cemetery, Edwardsville, Indiana.