The Lester and Norma Stroud Family 2005

Seated, left: Logan Stroud, Tyler Melton, Landon Stroud, Norma Walters Stroud, Dustin Melton, Lester Stroud
Standing, left: Lonnie Stroud, Sally Kennedy Stroud, Laura Jo Stroud Melton, Melvin Melton, Matt Hedden, Shawna Hedden, Charlla Stroud, Lance Stroud, Lucas Stroud, Brandy Thorn Stroud, Liam Stroud

Photo courtesy Lance Stroud

Lester and Norma Walters Stroud

William Riley Stroud
Descendant of Annanias and Mariah Stroud

Photo courtesy Sherry Jones

Mary Ann Goldman Stroud 1835-1921
Wife of William Riley Stroud

Photo courtesy Sherry Jones

Silas Calvin Stroud

Photo courtesy Sherry Jones

Maria Alcora Stroud Shook

Photo courtesy Sherry Jones

Annanias Stroud (1815-1898) with infant Cohen Elvis Stroud

Photo courtesy Norma Stroud

John Calvin (1840-1917) and wife Louisa Jane Cornwall Stroud (1842-1899)

Photo courtesy Norma Stroud

Virgil and Emma Jane Agan Stroud

Floyd and Lois Mae Jones Stroud

Samuel J. and Margaret Ann Stroud

Photo courtesy Tom McCullum

Family of Virgil and Emma Stroud
Left to right: Lloyd, Floyd, Grace, Cora, Rosa, Charlie, Elvis, Cloie, Virgil, Emma, Otha Stroud
29 September 1919

Front Row, left: (all Stroud unless noted) Harvey, Laban, Grace, Sarah Frances, Mary Elizabeth, 2 unknown females, Phoebe Ellen (Crane) and her husband William Stroud.

Second row: 1 unknown male, A.D. and wife Mary "Polly" (Cambron/McCameron) Hastings.

Third row: Augustus Thompson Hammersly, 5 unknown females, Maude, Sarah Anna (Glaziner).

Forth row: 3 unknown males, Garrett Stroud, unknown male holding infant, Jesse A., unknown female, Sally, Eva, unknown female, Robert Lewis Stroud.

Jesse A., William S., and Robert L. were the sons of Jesse and Elizabeth (Cambron/McCameron) Stroud. Elizabeth and Mary "Polly" (Cambron/McCameron) Hastings were sisters. The 5 Stroud children on the front row, along with Sally and Eva in the back row, are the children of Billy and Phobe Ellen. Another son, Walter Stroud who celebrated his 100th birthday in July, 2006, provided this photo and identified many of the people in it. He and his wife, Inez (Louden), have been married 77 years. They reside close to Mount Olive, Mitcheltree Township, Martin County, Indiana.

July 1905 Reunion of the Nield Stroud Family
Mount Olive, Indiana

Photo courtesy Shirley Stroud

Arthur D. Stroud
Son of Garrett and Margaret Crane Stroud; brother of Curtis Stroud.

Photo courtesy
Penny (Connerley) Wicks

Curtis P. Stroud
Soldier in WWI
Son of Garrett and Margaret Crane Stroud; brother of Arthur Stroud.
Photo courtesy
Penny (Connerley) Wicks

Rev. Jesse A. Stroud

Photo courtesy Dale E. Stroud

William Sankey Stroud
Brother of Jesse A. Stroud

Photo courtesy Dale E. Stroud

Melissa D. Stroud Grissom

Photo courtesy Bill Stroud

Andrew J. and Lovey Stroud Wells c1936
Sister of Silas Stroud

Photo courtesy Lance Stroud

Doctor Silas D. Stroud, M.D.
Brother of Lovey Stroud

Photo courtesy Sheila Mobley

John Thomas Stroud and
Caroline Minnie Stroud (Rawlings)
(Children of Silas D. Stroud)

Photo courtesy Helen Key

Sarah Ann Stroud (Vernon)
(Child of Silas D. Stroud)
Husband Thomas W. Vernon

Photo courtesy Helen Key

Stroud Family Members c1935
Left to right: Virgil, Charlie, Cora, Velma, Floyd, Lois, Austin, Lloyd, Ellie, Otha, Grace, Elvis, Rosa, Cloie

Photo courtesy Esther Hess

Lester Dale Stroud 1928-2005

George S. Stroud Family
Left front: Dencil, George, Rachel P. Purkiser Stroud
Left rear: Fannie M Jones Stroud, Helen, Beulah

Photo courtesy Lance Stroud

Rial Stroud Jr. Family
Right to left: Rial, Harry, Martha Jane Dooley Stroud

Photo courtesy Ken Stroud

William Riley Stroud Family
Front left: Clara, William, Versie Hazel
Rear left: Clarence Alva, Minnie Dell,
Ivan Cecil
William is the son of Rial Stroud Jr.
Photo courtesy Ken Stroud

Clarence Alva Stroud
Private First Class
Son of William Riley and Mary Ann Stroud

Photo courtesy Art Dillman

Ivan Cecil Stroud
Private 2, Coast Artillery
World War One
Son of William Riley and Mary Ann Stroud
Photo courtesy Art Dillman

Thad and Lillie Stroud Family
From front, left: Harold, Owen
Lillie, Thad, Carl
Glendon, Norman, Sid

Photo courtesy Lance Stroud

Professor John (1826-1918) and
Mrs. Julia Ann Jones (1830-1912) Johnson
Friends of the Stroud Family
Founded the Marengo Academy 15 March 1889

Steven Brooks Stroud Family
Front row, left: Verona Strong, Marvin Stroud, Hazel Strong, Leo Strong
Second row, left: Alice Stroud Strong, Orion Strong, Nancy Georgeann Stroud, Emma Dilley, Steven Stroud, Anna Stroud Strong, Clarance Strong, Grover Cleveland Stroud.
Back row, left: Hattie (Harriet) Stroud, Jared Dilley, Carrie (Caroline) Stroud Dilley, George Allen Stroud, Susan Denison Stroud, William Stroud, Preston Stroud, Lily (Lilian) Stroud, Stephen Benjamin Stroud.
Steven Brooks Stroud was the son of Allen and Arsa Askin Stroud

Photo courtesy Cathy Stroud and Don Stroud

Steven and wife, Nancy Georgeanne Elliff Robertson Stroud
Steven Stroud served the CSA during the Civil War

Photo courtesy Cathy Stroud and Don Stroud

The Isom Stroud Family
L-R Front: Baby May Seacat, Dora Stroud Seacat, Christina Jones Stroud, Isom Stroud
Rear: Perry Jones, Elsa Stroud Judd, Bertha Stroud Totten, Ada Stroud Seacat, Mary Stroud Funk

The Isom Stroud Family Home

Photos courtesy Lance Stroud