70th Indiana Regimental Chaplain

Archibald C. Allen

The following letter appeared in the Indianapolis Daily Journal on October 29, 1862 on page 3 column 3.
The spelling and punctuation are unchanged from the original publication.


A Word to the Friends of the 70th Regiment.

INDIANAPOLIS, IND., October 28th, 1862.

  It is important that speedy provision be made for the comfort of the sick in the hospitals of the 70th regiment [sic] at Bowling Green. Many are sick, and unless relief be afforded, we fear much suffering, and perhaps mortality, will ensue. We have skillful and efficient physicians, but something more is needed, for when disease is broken we see the patriots, in too many cases, but slowly recovering, or sinking under new forms of disease. Suitable food for convalescents, and changes of clothing for all the sick, are needed.

  If the friends at home would provide canned fruits, jellies, farina, &c.; also, drawers, socks, shirts, towels, &c., they would confer a favor, and receive the blessings of many and of Him who said: "I was sick, and ye visited me" We hope ample supplies will be furnished within the next ten days at the headquarters of the Sanitary Commission. The regiment is in want of vegetable food. The region about Bowling Green is destitute, in a great measure. Ladies of that place have expressed a desire to furnish suitable articles of food for the sick, but candidly confessed that they could not procure them.

  We need books, tracts and papers to meet the desire for reading. It is painful to see so many noble, brave young men of cultivated minds destitute of books to read, and tempted to fall into bad habits merely for want of means of improvement.

  I will gladly take along with me whatever of the above articles may be furnished by Friday of next week. The 70th is a noble regiment, and admirably officered in general, and will do gallant service in the good cause. Let the friends see to it that nothing is wanting on their part to give it efficiency.

  A. C. Allen,

  Chaplain 70th Reg. Ind. Vols.

Courtesy of Anthony Meeks