Dodridge Mitchell

 70th Indiana Volunteer Infantry 1862-1865


Tuesday Evening, July 9, 1929

Taps Sounded for Veteran of the Civil War

Dodridge Mitchell served in the 70th Regiment Under Harrison. Sick only one week. Pioneer of Wildcat Township. Came to County 60 years ago.

Dodridge Mitchell

  Tuesday morning at his home in Windfall, where he has been ill but one week, Dodridge Mitchell succumbed to an attack of stomach and gall duct trouble, aggravated by his ceaseless devotion to his invalid wife who is suffering from an injury to her hip received in a fall. Death came quietly to this long time resident who was surrounded by relatives and friends and loving hands did everything possible to ease the last minutes. "He was a man " might well be said of Dodridge Mitchell, who if he ever harmed anyone did it unintentionally, as he was one of the outstanding men of integrity of the county.

 Funeral services for the veteran will be held at the late home in Windfall, Thursday morning, Rev. Polly Couch Bowman, a life time friend of the deceased being in charge. Rev. L. R. Gray will assist in the services. The funeral has been fixed for 10 o'clock and burial will take place in the Phlox Cemetery.

 Dodridge Mitchell was one of 14 children born to Fielding and Mary (Alley) Mitchell, his father being a native of North Carolina and his mother of Decatur County. All but one sister, Mrs. William Landingham, of Shelby County are deceased.

  He was born in Shelby County, April 27, 1842, and on August 4, 1862, he volunteered as a member of Company B, 70th Regiment Indiana Volunteer Infantry, Colonel Benjamin Harrison, at that time in charge. He served until the close of the war, being discharged at Indianapolis, July 9th, 1865, his death occurring on the 64th anniversary of his discharge from service. Most of his service was with the Army of the Cumberland and he was in active service from the time his regiment entered Kentucky until the close of the war.

 Beginning with the fight at Russellville, Ky., he participated in the battles of Missionary Ridge, Kennesaw Mountain, New Hope Church, Peachtree Creek, Burnt Hickory and Atlanta, he went with General Sherman on his famous march "from Atlanta to the sea" and after a short stay at Savannah, he with his command went up the state of North Carolina, participate in the battle of Goldsboro, and while pursuing

the retreating enemy a few days later learned that Lee had surrendered his Army of Virginia to Gen. Grant at Appomattox on the 9th day of April, 1865, and the Federal Army of which his regiment formed a part in that section of the country ceased fighting and marched by way of Richmond, Va., to Washington City, a distance of nearly 300 miles where they witnessed the Grand Review of the Army, were paid off and sent to Indianapolis to be mustered out. During the entire service the only time he felt the effects of a rebel missile was the battle of New Hope Church, when part of a rebel shell struck his gun while in the act of firing, broke the stock from his gun barrel, turned him over and rendered him unconscious for a while. But in a very short time he was as good as ever.

 After returning from the army he concluded that it would be nice to have a home of his own, and on the 26th day of July, 1866, was married to Miss Elizabeth Phillips, in the vicinity of the old homestead, and by this union three were two children, both sons, they being Jesse and Grant Mitchell. Mr. Mitchell with his family in 1871, left Rush County and located on an 80 acre farm near Curtisville, which is now owned by Lee Goodwin. Later on he sold this farm and bought a farm two and a half miles east of Windfall. In 1903, he bought and moved to nice home on South Independence Street in Windfall, where he and his wife have since resided.

 Jesse Mitchell preceded the father to the grave, and the one son, Grant Mitchell resides on a farm east of Windfall. Besides the wife, son and sister, the veteran is survived by a large number of grandchildren and great grandchildren.

 Dodridge Mitchell and his wife shortly after their marriage joined the Methodist Episcopal Church, and both husband and wife were sterling Christians. After removing to this county they placed their membership with the Friends Church in the Hazel Dell community and were its stanch supporters.

 The passing of this veteran is a matter of general regret and removes another of the old residents and one who helped to preserve the Union. His death is one which will be mourned by many.

Thursday, July 24, 1929

Pioneer Couple Aged and Ill

Mr. and Mrs. Dodridge Mitchell Confined to Beds in Windfall.

Lived here 58 Years.

 Suffering with illness incident to their advanced years, the wife's illness being aggravated by the effects of an accident suffered several years ago, Dodridge Mitchell and his good wife, Elizabeth, are confined to their beds and fears are expressed as to the outcome of their illness.

 Mrs. Mitchell had the misfortune to fall in the rear yard of the home of the aged couple in Windfall several weeks ago, sustaining an injury to her left hip, which keeps her in constant pain. Until Tuesday afternoon, the faithful husband who is past 87 years of age, has been attending to the household duties and caring for his sick mate, members of the family and neighbors assisting. The devotion of the aged man to his wife, who is in her 86th year, has been such as to attract attention. Tuesday afternoon, the strain proved too much for an already infirm body, on account of the ravages of age and he collapsed. He has been in bed since and under the care of a physician while hands of relatives and friends are doing all in their power for both.

 Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell are one of the few remaining pioneer couples of the county, having come here almost 60 years ago during all of which time they have resided in the Windfall community.

  The husband is a veteran of the Civil War, having seen active service with the 70th Indiana Regiment in Company B, and was knocked unconscious at Chattanooga by a piece of bursting shell which shattered his arm musket stock but, he awoke from his enforced sleep uninjured. He was in 16 different skirmishes and battles and served three years with the Union forces, without being wounded.

 Both Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell have the distinction of being one of a family of 14 children and each one have one member of their family living. Mrs. Mitchell has a brother, Allen E. Phillips, residing in Shelby County and Mr. Mitchell has a sister, Mrs. Rachel Landingham, residing in Shelby County.

 They are the parents of two children and the grandparents and great grand-parents of many.

 Both are members of the Friends Church at Hazel Dell and both are highly respected in the community where they have spent a life time.

 Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell were married in Shelby County, July 26, 1866, by Rev. Decatur Davis, and their many friends trust the couple will recover fully from their illnesses and be able to happily celebrate their 63rd wedding anniversary during the present month.

(Two articles appeared in the Tipton (Indiana) newspaper about Dodridge Mitchell. They were transcribed on 24 Feb 2002 for Manuel Mitchell by Don T. Mitchell. Photo courtesy of Manuel Mitchell Jr)