Company D

(Listings in Alphabetical Order)

"Glory, Glory Hallelujah! Glory, Glory Hallelujah! Glory, Glory, Hallelujah!"

Adams, John

Albright, John S.

Discharged Nov 6, 1863.

Allen, Enos


Allen, Gregory

Allen, Newton


Ballard, Benjamin F.

Ballentine, Samuel

Cpl., died at Gallatin, Mar 13, 1863.

Bray, David M.

Died at Nashville, TN, Jun 22, 1864.

Bray, Jacob M.

Enlisted 6 Aug. 1862; Honorably discharged 8 June 1865, Washington, DC; died on 5 May 1871; buried in Hebron Indiana Cemetery.

Brewer, Jesse

Brown, James M.

Callahan, John M.

Cannatsey, William S.

Carter, Milton

Cpl.,promoted to Sgt., discharged Jan 20, 1864.

Chamness, Nevious B.

Wounded at Resaca, May 15, 1864.

Clapp, Thomas, C.

Copeland, George

Costin, Granvil

[1840-1932, wife Sarah M., 1846-1930, both buried Samaria Cem, Morgan Co., Ind]

Costin, Henry W.

Died at Gallatin, TN, Feb 22, 1863.

Costin, Mathias A.

Promoted to Cpl., Sgt.

Costin, William H.

Craven, Ira R.

Promoted to Cpl.

Craven, William E.


Crayton, George W.

Wounded at Resaca, GA.

Deal, Daniel

1st Duty Sgt., wounded at Resaca, May 15, 1864. [Regimental Color Bearer]

Deweese, Elza


Deweese, Leander


Doan, Thomas J.

Discharged Dec 10, 1863.

Done, William T.


Easter, George W.

Discharged Feb 6, 1863.

Easter, Joseph, A.

Wounded at Resaca, may 15, 1864.

Easter, William P.

Eaton, Henry C.


Edwards, William J.

Ellmore, Eli

Discharged Dec 6, 1863.

Ellmore, Jesse

Fansler, David

Farmer, Jacob

Wounded at Resaca, May 14, 1864, died Jun 9, 1864.

Farmer, Peter

Wounded at Resaca, May 15, 1864, discharged.

Farr, Uriah H.

(Absalom Ross' brother-in-law)

Fletcher, Vardman

Wounded at Resaca, May 15, 1864.

Freet, George


Fugate, David

Wounded at Resaca, May 15, 1864, died May 16, 1864.

Grave, Alvin S.

Recruit. Wounded at Resaca, May 15, 1864.

Grave, Clark


Greeson, Alfred

Discharged, Jul 27, 1864.

Greeson, Alonzo B.

Wounded at Resaca, May 15, 1864, died May 27, 1864.

Gregory, Joseph

Transferred to PIONEER CORPS.

Hancock, Owen C.


Harper, George W.

Harryman, Samuel K.

2nd Lt., promoted to 1st Lt., Apr 20, 1863.

Harvey, Milo E.


Hendricks, James C.

Transferred to Drummer Boy.

Hill, Cornelus


Hinson, Thomas N.


Hornaday, Thomas R.

Misician, promoted to ranks by request.

Howell, John V.

Hubbard, John T.

Cpl., promoted to Sgt.

Hubbard, Thomas D.

Sgt., wounded at new Hope Church, Jun 15, 1864.

Ingle, Samuel


Johnson, Barclay R.

Captain, Aug 2, 1862, resigned Apr 20, 1863

Johnson, Calvin

Sgt., Died at Gallatin, Mar 9, 1863.

Johnson, Isaac

Johnson, Robert

Wounded July 20, 1864, discharged 1864.

Jordan, Andrew

Died Mar 21, 1863.

Julian, James

Discharged, May 6, 1863.

Kersey, Isaac

Discharged Nov 21, 1862.

Kirkendoll, Matthew

Lake, John E.

promoted to Cpl.

Lake, William A.

Lake, William C.

Lane, Elias E.


Lane, James

Lane, Levi


Leach, Francis M.

Deserted Nov 9, 1862.

Lewallen, Alonzo

Discharged Mar 3, 1863.

Lockwood, Daniel

Died Jun 24, 1864.

Long Isaiah


Mason, Martin

McCall, James


McClellan, William R.

McCracken, William

'Promoted to Sgt, Orderly Sgt., 2nd Lt., Apr 21, 1863.

McCraken, James

Promoted to Cpl, wounded May 15, 1864.

Moon, Milo H.

Promoted to Cpl.

Moon, Sylvester

Discharged Jun 24, 1863.

Myrick, Eli S.

Discharged Mar 3, 1863.

Obenshain, Leonidas

Promoted to Cpl., Sgt.

Olleman, Ezra

1st Sgt., discharged Jan 23, 1863.

Pike, John


Pike, Moses B.


Poe, Isaac

 Recruit. Died at Kingston, GA.

Poe, John H.

Died of wounds Aug 21, 1864.

Pray, Eli


Reagan, Joseph W.

Renck, Otto


Rhea, William C.

Roland, William J.

Ross, Absalom

Assigned to: PIONEER CORPS; Gunboat Silver Lake; Fort Negley. (My great grandfather)

Rush, Merideth

Discharged Jan 24, 1863.

Rushton, Elias M.

Simpson, James

Smith, James

Snow, Jesse F.


Spoon, James

Spoon, William A.

Tansey, Barclay


Tansey, Daniel

Discharged Feb 11, 1863.

Tansey, William E.

1st Lt., promoted to Captain, Apr 20, 1863, wounded at Resaca, GA, May 15, 1864.

Thompson, Geroge W.

Thornton, George W.

Tincher, John D.


Townsend, Clayton


Trogden, Isaiah


Vogus, Peter

Ward, Calvin

Wounded May 15, 1864 , died May 23, 1864.

Ward, John A.

Promoted to Cpl.

Ward, Rufus H.

Promoted to Cpl.

White, Peter

Died at Bowling Green, KY, Jan 13, 1863.

Widdows, James R.

Wounded May 14, 1864.

Wilhite, William W.

Wounded at Resaca, May 14, 1864.

Williams, Levi

Discharged May 23, 1865.

Wilson, Barton

Discharged Feb 28, 1863.

Wilson, John

Note: This Company was mustered out with the Regiment, June 8, 1865.