The 70th Indiana Volunteer Regimental Roster

~ Field and Staff ~

"Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory of the Coming of the Lord"

Regimental Staff Officers

Harrison, Benjamin

Col., Indpls. Comm./m/in, Aug. 7,1862; brev. Brig. Gen., Jan. 23,1865; m/out w/regt.

Burgess, James

Lt Col., Danville. Comm. Aug. 9,1862; musterin Aug. 12,1862; prom. to Col. 124th Regt.

Merrill, Samuel

Lt Col., Indpis. Comm. March 1,1864; muster in Apr. 20,1864; muster out with regt.

Vance, Samuel C.

Maj., Indpls. Comm. Aug. 9,1862; m/in Aug. 12,1862, res. Apr.10,1863; re-ent. as Col. 132 Regt.

Merrill, Samuel

Maj., Indpls. Comm. April 11,1863; muster in, Apr. 25,1863; promoted Lt. Col.

Ragan, Zachariah S.

Maj., Clayton. Comm. Mar 1,1864; m/in Apr 20,1864; wound Newhope Chch. Jun 15,1864; m/out w/rgmt.

Mitchell, James L.

Adjt., Indpls. Comm. Jul 16,1862; muster in, Jul 16,1862; muster out with regiment.

Wilson, George W.

Quartermaster., Franklin Comm. Jul 18,1862; muster in, Jul 18,1862; resigned Jan. 8, 1865.

Ketchem, John L., Jr.

Quartermaster. Indpls. Comm. Feb. 14,1865; muster in Mar 27,1865; muster out with regiment.

Allen, Archibald C.

Chaplin. Indpls. Comm. Aug. 12,1862; muster in Aug. 12, 1862; muster out with regiment.

Reagan, Amos W.

Surgeon. Mooresville. Date of commission, Aug. 11, 1862; mustered out with regiment.

Reagan, Amos W.

Assistant Surgeon. Mooresville. Date of commission, July 30, 1862; promoted Surgeon.

Webb, William A.

Asst. Surg. Franklin. Comm. Aug. 11,1862; muster in, Aug. 12,1862; resigned Mar 11,1863.

Smith, William R.

Asst. Surg. Indpls. Commission, Aug. 12,1862; muster in Aug 12,1862; resigned Nov. 8, 1862.

White, John M.

Asst. Surg. Southport Commission Dec. 6,1862; muster in Dec. 16,1862; died Aug. 31,1862, disease.

Kennedy, Leroy H.

Asst. Surg. Danville Comm. Apr 4,1863; muster in Apr 18,1863; resign Sept. 4, 1863; cause disability.

Fitzgerald, Jenkins A.

Asst. Surg. Indpls. Comm. Oct. 17,1863; muster in Oct. 22,1863; muster out with regiment.

Watjen, Herman J.

Asst. Surg. Indpls. Comm. Jan. 1,1865; mustered out as Hospital Steward with regiment.

Regimental Staff, Non-Commissioned Officers

Isaacs, Reuben D.

Commissary Sgt., Indpls. Muster in Aug. 12,1862; Discharged Feb. 15,1863; disability.

Long, Isaiah

Principal Musician. Mooresville. Muster in Aug. 12,1862; transferred to Co. D, Jan. 1,1863.

Marrs, William A.

Quartermaster-Sgt., Martinsville. Muster in, Aug. 12, 1862; muster out with regt.

Musgrave, Philip D.

Sgt. Major., Indpls. Muster in Aug. 12, 1862; transferred to Co. A, Aug. 20, 1862

Viquesney, Jules A.

Principal Musician. Danville. Muster in Aug. 12,1862; transferred to Co. C, May 1,1864.

Watjen, Herman J.

Hosp. Stewd. Indpls. Muster in Aug. 12,1862; comm. Asst. Surg. Jan. 1,1865; muster out w/ regt.